The Supremacy Clause

The Laws of Man that Reveal the Love of God.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pastor David E. Myers

Pastor David Myers completed law school in June of 2000. His background in ministry merged with a law school education to create a curiosity about the laws of God. Shortly after completing law school and taking the Florida Bar exam, he began to work with Liberty Counsel defending religious civil liberties in America. This led to an important 10 commandments case before the United States Supreme Court.

Pastor David Myers continued to develop a desire to contrast the laws of our land with the laws of our Lord. In 2011, Pastor David Myers released the book titled, “The Supremacy Clause”, the laws of man that reveal the love of God. This book has received rave reviews from legal scholars and religious leaders. It is written in such a way that it flows as an easy journey into greater knowledge of the law and greater appreciation for the Word of God.

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